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Copper & Aluminum

My copper and aluminum work heavily features mixed media and often results in my most avant-garde pieces. Unlike pewter, copper and aluminum don't require a patina, but every piece is still polished to enhance texture and sealed to stand up to everyday use, preserve surface treatments, and prevent tarnishing. They can be embellished with gold leaf, copper leaf, or colored inks.

Steampunk Hand - Mixed Media
Gears - Aluminum Egg
Custom Frame & Inital - Aluminum
Abstract Textures - Aluminum Frame
Wire - Copper Egg
Birds - Aluminum Egg
Star & Circles - Copper Egg
Nine of Hearts - Copper & Wood Frame
Flowers - Copper on Green Journal
Life is Woven - Copper & Pewter
Flowers - Copper on White Journal
Copper Tag Closeup
Initials - Copper on Black Tags
Roses - Aluminum Frame
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