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Switch Plates

Hand-embossed pewter switch plates are a unique way to incorporate art into your home. My embossed pewter work is wrapped around a blank switch plate, which can be any configuration of toggles, rockers, or outlets. Every piece is polished and patinaed to enhance the appearance of texture, and some are embellished with gold leaf, copper leaf, or colored inks. All my switch plates are sealed to stand up to everyday use, preserve surface treatments, and prevent tarnishing.

Grapes - Single Toggle
Houses with Gold Leaf - Triple Toggle
Folk Art Bird - Single Toggle
Seguaro Cactus - Single Toggle
Folk Art Tree - Single Toggle
Turtle - Single Toggle
Cupcake - Single Toggle
Abstract Textures - Double Toggle
Umbrella - Double Toggle
Pine Trees - Triple Toggle
Sheep - Double Toggle
Prickly Pear Cactus - Single Toggle
Music Notes - Outlet Cover
Hieroglyphs - Single Toggle
Japanese Iris - Outlet Cover
Japanese Iris - Double Toggle
Gears - Combination Wall Plate
Cat - Single Toggle
Flower Frame - Doubel Toggle
Flower Frame - Single Toggle
Bamboo - Single Toggle
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