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My hand-embossed pewter or copper panels are mounted on journals to create a beautiful repository for your thoughts. Every piece is polished and patinaed to enhance the appearance of texture, and some are embellished with gold leaf, copper leaf, or colored inks. All the panels on my journals are sealed to stand up to everyday use, preserve surface treatments, and prevent tarnishing. My journals have sturdy covers, a ribbon marker, and an elastic or magnetic closure.

Pineapple - Pewter and Ink on Aqua Journal
Arrows - Pewter on Brown Foldover Journal
Shapes - Pewter on Grey Journal
Sunflower - Pewter and Ink on Navy Journal
Sticks - Pewter and Ink on Bright Green Journal
Journals with Pewter and Leather Appliqué
Piano Keys - Black Journal
Pennant Flags - Magenta Journal
Paintbrushes - Red Linen Journal
Hieroglyphs - Black Journal
Inital "A" - Black Foldover Journal
Hearts - Baby Pink Journal
Geometric Lattice - Aqua Journal
Circles & Lines - Black Journal
Gingko Leaves - Gray Journal
Copper Flowers - Green Journal
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