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Each one of my pewter décor pieces is a unique combination of hand-embossed metal, elegant and cheerful motifs, assemblage, and mixed media embellishment. Every piece is polished and patinaed to enhance the appearance of texture, and some are embellished with gold leaf, copper leaf, or colored inks. All my pieces are sealed to stand up to everyday use, preserve surface treatments, and prevent tarnishing.

Lizard - Pewter and Gold Leaf
Small House - Pewter and Gold Leaf
Monogram H - Pewter
Monograms K, I, B - Pewter
Monogram L - Pewter
Monogram M - Pewter
Monogram C - Pewter
Bird Ornaments - Pewter, Aluminum & Ink
Rocking Horse - Pewter on Gold Leaf Plaque
Initial G - Pewter
May Your Walls Know Joy - Pewter with Battery Tealight
Outside My Window - Pewter and Ink
Reconnected - Pewter and Gold Leaf
Seasons - Pewter and Ink
Autumn - Aluminum, Copper & Brass Assemblage
Bloom - Pewter and Wire
Gourd with Flowers - Pewter
Angel with Candle - Pewter and Gold Leaf
Live Edge Frame with Trees - Pewter
Forest on Tree Burl - Pewter
Free Fall - Pewter and Gold Leaf
Wood vessel - Pewter and Gold Leaf
Around the Neighborhood - Pewter on Cork
Paperclip Tray - Pewter
New Home Plaque - Pewter
Feather - Pewter and Ink
Trees - Pewter with Wire
Sunflower - Pewter, Copper & Brass
Bamboo - Pewter & Green Ink
Run Free - Pewter & Wire
Tree and Full Moon - Pewter on Wood
It Takes a Village - Pewter
Wingtip Closeup
Wingtip - Pewter and Antique Shoe Form
Vessel with Pewter Flowers
Tree on Wood Vessel
Honey Bee - Pewter & Mixed Media
Not a Pair - Pewter & Shadow Box
Arrows of Courage - Pewter & Gold
Koi - Pewter on Canvas
"Hold Dear" Sign - Pewter & Ribbon
Dragon - Framed Pewter
Henna Hand - Pewter & Fibers
Eye of the Beholder -Pewter & Fibers
Freedom - Pewter on Textured Panel
Arcs - Tiled Storage Box
From My Window - Pewter & Wire
Utensils - Four Piece Canvas
Rooster - Four Piece Canvas
Pineapple - Four Piece Canvas
Heart - Four Piece Canvas
Grapes - Four Piece Canvas
Corn - Four Piece Canvas
Cabbage - Four Piece Canvas
Artichoke - Four Piece Canvas
Flaming Heart - Framed Pewter
Closeup of Circles
Closeup of Squares
Circles & Squares - Tiled Canvases
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