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Keepsake Boxes

My keepsake boxes are homes for special items. Each box is individually designed to have it's own personality and spirit. I apply my hand-embossed pewter panels and cutout motifs to high quality wood and metal boxes. Every piece is polished and patinaed to enhance the appearance of texture, and can be embellished with gold leaf, copper leaf, or colored inks. All my keepsake boxes are sealed to stand up to everyday use, preserve surface treatments, and prevent tarnishing.

Flower Wreath Box - Pewter
"Joy" - Hinged Lid Box
Treasure Box - Pewter
Treasure Box - Pewter and Mirrors
Treasure box Folk House - Pewter and Gold Leaf
Sun Treasure Box - Pewter and Gold Leaf
Flower Treasure Box - Pewter and Gold Leaf
Sewing Treasure Box - Pewter
Hearts Keepsake Box - Pewter and Copper Leaf
Treasure Box - Copper
Keepsake Box - Aluminum on Bamboo
Treasure Box - Pewter
Japanese Iris - Pewter and Ink
Flower Heart - Metal Finish Box
Sun Symbols - Slide Top Box
Circles - Lidded Box
Vining Flowers - Stacked Box & Lid
Vining Flowers - Lidded Box
Stylized Feathers - Slide Top Box
Ginkgo Leaf - Round Box
Black-eyed Susan - Round Box
Mid Century Design - Stacked Box
Light Bulbs - Lidded Box
House & Tree - Square Box
Flower Heart - Round Box
Vinging Flowers - Round Box
House & Pennants - Round Box
Gears - Round Box
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